Friday, June 16, 2006

The Days of My Lore Ended too Early... [this post has been heavily edited]

...Was about 5 WEEKS ago when I left my job at the Swiss Bank to go to an equity trading firm... within about 2 WEEKS, and a handful of well thought out, undistracted forex trades, I made well over my monthly income... ... Anyways, I would've and should've wired a mere quarter of my forex gains into my checking account, and booked a one week, nay, two week all inclusive vacation to St. Thomas, and swim in the blue green ocean and relax and read books of fun, and then return to the city and start trading equities with a clear mind...
so we move onto WEEK 3, where I peak before the drawdown(all the while, losing small amounts at the new equity firm, which would have been capital preserved had I taken that vacation)... and as indicated in the aformentioned posts, BOOM, I put on some not so well though out, distracted trades, and well, yeah... it's WEEK 5, and all my gains are pretty much wiped out... and my equity losses are extended. So, basically, I PAID ALOT of MONEY NOT to take a Vacation.

And oh, look, awesome, it's another weekend, and I've once again built an absurd tolerance to over the counter sleeping pills... another weekend of hearing petty populist politics for the well intentioned pussyminded(WIMPS) around me, filled with kneejerk reflexive lambastement of, for the most part, the non-lambasteworthy... filled with heavily screened choices in words and places to take a stroll, and places to sit, in other words, there's a 'criteria' that must be met and never crossed... I'm so FUCKING SICK OF... ah.... the last thing I'm gonna say about global macroeconomics is this: the Price of HATEFILLED KILL FUCKING TRIPLE KILL I WILL FUCKING KILL HATE TEN FOLD RAGE SMASH CRUSH ERADICATE, WHITE HAIRS OF COUNTERPRODUCTIVE USELESS STRESS KILL TRIPLE UTTER HATE END, END, DUMB FUCK, BROKEN, ANNILIHATE, SO I CAN LIVE AGAIN... has gone up... curbs in...


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