Saturday, June 10, 2006

Godspeed, and Good Night..., yonder day, in about 15 or so hours, at least the forex market will be open... I'll stake my claim with small size, feel things out... I just got back from Korea Town, sending an old trader friend of mine off to the Army... I had kimchii tofu stew... it was very spicy and therefore good. In the meantime, Mum went grocery shopping and got a special treat for the kids, as seen in the photo... CPI is going to be the catalyst on the USD pairs... I'm super long GBP and EUR if it comes in below estimates, if high, I think Yen will jettison to 115.00-117.00 zone. So that's the plan: If CPI lower, long sterling and euro, ride pound to 1.89, Euro to 1.30. If CPI higher, long dollar against YEN, but NOT Eur or GBP; buy Usd/Jpy to 115.00, wait for noise, then continue to 117.00


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