Monday, June 12, 2006

HateFilled Clairvoyance...

...PPI slightly strong, held the Yen trade about halfway, stopped out on a trailing stop... it did spike to 115.45, dollar retracing much stronger against the Yen and Sterling than the Euro, so I'm short a small position in euro going into the CPI tomorrow... Personally, I purchase slim to no goods or services, other than food and rent, as my necessity for nourishment is more internal and otherwordly, but I still keep track of pricing, and when the optimum balance between price levels to retain customers, and price levels that may lose customers but maintain enough for positive return in the face of rising raw material costs, et al. I'd say, we'll see a likewise higher CPI in about 14 hours, as a Big Mac in China is woefully cheaper than a Big Mac in the States... However, it may be buffered by the 0.0% YoY change in Mozzarepa prices. But above all, the price of hate and killfuck kill rip dead crush smash triple kill has no ceiling...


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