Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well At Least the Yankees Won...

...Brought the kids out to ballpark to watch Randy Johnson pitch... was a fairly quick game, as quick as baseball can be... we ate popcorn and footlong hotdogs with Mum... Hay got a new helmet from the ice cream frozen balls dessert... But today, technology got the better of me in the most dastardly way... as seen in the chart, I was right, Core CPI came out higher, I was Short the Pound(GBP) overnight as indicated around the purple circle... had my bid to cover at the green circle... course, 8:30am rolls by, the strong CPI causes an abrupt dump in Sterling, but not enough for my bid to get hit... then I notice that my computer is logged off(and it takes about 20 minutes to reboot... I figure, that's okay, as I watch Bloomberg tickers on the Pound and Yen...) Next thing I know, the unexpected occurs, you'd think somebody detonated the entirety of Brooklyn with a dirty bomb or flew an Airbus into the Chrysler Building... and it's over... the majors rip up a nasty U-turn right in my face, hits my stop[(red circle) and that's a 30 minute candlestick in case you were dorky enough to wonder], and I'm a bigtime loser for the day, nay, the week, nay, the month even...
Before she left for work, Mum told me not to get mad... Hay and Curious were already at school... so before I left for the office... I cursed an inconceivably loud 'Fuck'. Then had an okay day with the equity market.


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