Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Filler Post 980: I'm Waiting for the Angels of Avalon

Oh, how the bull pierces Lockheed with his horns...

I am hoping I walk this summer without the woeful immortality that I have these past summers... meaning, I hope that at the very least, there's a 23.6% chance that I will die. Of course, I'm fucking painfully immortal, and can walk in front of Mack Trucks without getting killed, only disgustingly paralyzed and in constant living agony...

Just like when I went with Hay to Israel a few years ago to test my hypothesis, which was not null... I remember exiting the Tel Aviv bus stop after a trip with machine gun toting girls and boys to Jerusalem, and one hour later a fucking bomb goes off there, plenty loud enough for me to hear, while I'm sitting with some Israeli tattoo artist a mile down the street, engraving embedded ink in me... he just looked up and said, 'shit?'.

...tired eyes on the sunrise...


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