Thursday, June 22, 2006

Monstrosities... HANS

...I was in such a need to wake up during the day, that I actually bought a Monster Energy Drink. I'm not one to pay a premium unneccesarily, but at the same time, I'm not one to carry a gram of cocaine in one of the folds in my wallet, and as coffee does not work, I purchased a Monster Energy Drink around 10:00am... Turns out, about 15 minutes ago, or twelve hours later, a pick up truck emblazoned with the Monster Drink logo, and several guys were handing out 'free courtesy ' Monster Drinks. Now, the makers of Monster, or, the owners of MonsterEnergyCo, is Hanssen Natural [HANS], which has been a short sellers nightmare, of monstrous proportions all year, as seen by the chart, and a whopping 20% short float, meaning, lots of people think it's way overvalued. So is handing out drinks for free, a desperate ploy? Or does it mean Cash Flow is plenty healthy for HANS? Whatever. I'm going to drink the Monster Energy Drink tomorrow at 7:50 am on the subway or something.


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