Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Another Rot of July Classic...

In answer to G.S:

ISM was weak, but prices paid high, but that's just a lag on the prices paid part... I took my short Usd/Jpy off at 114.53-57, went down some more, but I figure didn't want to deal with liquidity crunch today during 4th of July...and keep in mind the BOJ and MOF are at odds with ZIRP in Japan...it would be a 'great' long 1month vol entry if Euro went back down to 1.26 within two days, but I doubt it, I expect ECB even with no rate hike to give hawkish speak, and payrolls will probably at best be in-line.

Also, please feel free to comment about U.S. equities too...And who or what the fuck is the Calderon reference? Is that the winner of the Mexican Elections? I'm pretty sure it's not but I'll ramble on: You know the people who supported the leftist candidate are afraid he'll be like Hugo Chavez and potentially bankrupt Mexico's treasury? Those who are of any intelligence like to regard the political battle in Mexico as 'the ignorant versus those who think'... rather than trying to polarize the rich v. poor theme there, although the constituents in general, like most idiots have difficulty distinguishing anything without using these latter two labels...

...I'm rambling, and feel uncomfortable, and will watch the fireworks today... but I guess today is as good as any day to weather cliched politics, 'vomit'... 'throw up'... and wait for death...

Aside from everything... I just did 100 jumping-jacks with only my underwear and sneakers on.... to break up phlegm in my throat... i might go to roosevelt island to watch the fireworks with the kids and mum... but I won't take the tram.


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