Friday, July 21, 2006

Feast of/or Famine as a Trader you eat what you kill... no more, no less...or starve...

So fuck you. And the decision is finite. Before I expire, I will kill semi-just, justice, or flat out injust, those who deliberately annoy me. And I'm sure it will be just. It's done. Your throat is fucking slit and coagulated, unless you change your ways. You might know who or what you are... you might not. Lockheed has as of now, about 10 years to live... 50/50 fed funds raise in August...


At 10:47 PM, Blogger SphericalZoo said...

So, have you adopted a cat yet?

That bottle of Argentinian cabernet y'all brought to dinner is pretty good, by the way. And I took the liberty of polishing off the remainder of your booze, so thanks. We should do dinner again sometime. I'm drunk. Again. Goodbye.


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