Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Saw the aftermath of a nasty taxi cab accident...

so me, mum, and the kids ate at China fun, Columbus Ave btw W71-W72 , after practicing Mandarin with Rosetta Stone(awesome!). A few minutes afterwards, at home, we heard tons of sirens, and I could see them reflecting off windows towards W71st and Columbus... then on NY One, they mention an accident on W71st/Columbus... so I go outside(Curious wanted to come, but I said no, Hay grabbed his arm and pulled him back)... turns out, some cab driver plowed into the back of a firetruck while two firemen were coming out the back to get some burritos, and pinned them against the truck. By the looks of the cab(the front end completely torn off and upwards passed the front wheels), I can't imagine how the firemen are alive for now. It was ghastly, and reminds me and mum and the kids to always buckle up when taking a cab. (sorry no pictures), but i'm sure it will be somewhere in one of the free morning papers.


At 8:35 AM, Blogger SphericalZoo said...

Here's more.

Don't be so hard on the cabbie, though; those tiny fire trucks are hard to see with their inconspicuous red paint, flashing lights and blaring sirens. The linked article above reports that both firefighters had surgery on their legs and should survive, so that's good news. Unbelievable. These guys risk their lives running into burning buildings, among other things, and they're almost killed after eating dinner by some jackoff hurrying to the next red light.


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