Monday, July 10, 2006

mum and hay went dinosaur bone digging in central park...

You packed your turtle backpack with a yellow plastic helmet and flashlight on top of helmet with chin strap, shovel, some dowels, the yellow bathroom gloves, and brush and kite string, pen and notebook, and a peanut butter sandwich, yogurt raisins and a coca-cola that was warm because you didn't have time to cool it in the refrigerator... and then you first dug in that soccer dirt patch behind the tree(so no interference with soccer pick up game) and found a rock. It was hot out and you rubbed back of hand across forehead and said, 'phew'... then you made a square string around the rock and took a lunch break and drank warm soda to wash down the peanut butter. Then, you dug around the rock more, turned your flashlight on helmet on and off, shook you head, nodded 'hmph'... then took the brush and dusted off the rock, studying the scratchings and curvature, and nodded again and said,'hmm'. Then you took that green tape measure and measured length-width-height, and jotted it down in notebook with the day's date and time, and drew a diagram of the rock and area where you discovered it. Then it was getting late, the soccer players were gone... so you carefully wrapped the rock in your lunch bag, packed your tools, put on your turtle backpack... and unfastened the chin strap on your yellow flashlight helmet and made your way home.


At 4:22 PM, Blogger SphericalZoo said...

Sounds like quite an expedition. I unearthed a pair of Brontosaurus testicles once. They make one hell of an ottoman--good conversation starter, too.

Just flew in from Manville and boy are my arms tired...


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