Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Taepodong... Taepo-DUMB...

...whatever... some serious fireworks in Korea to celebrate the 4th of July in America... Haha. I made a fucking funny.

Whatever. Thank fuck I closed out that long Yen position. Would've been nice to reverse it afterwards. I'm pretty sure Kim Jong was short a shitload of Yen before he launched the missiles.

Oh, and the missile failed... so can you say 'nice opportunity to get long yen again against the dollar'? Say it... go ahead...

...it took them months to get that launch ready... a couple more SCUD missiles are no cause for alarm...


At 10:09 PM, Blogger The Human Piranha said...

ok, blog up. i'm compiling a list of linkage and t&d will be near the top.

At 5:17 AM, Blogger The Human Piranha said...

Calderon won meaning Obrador will riot and the world will see the true state of political disorganization this country still exudes promoting an ensuing emerging market selloff. Or if there is no riot this should prove advantageous for peso asset holders. Still something to keep an eye out for as North Korea twatrocket and Mexico's instability could spur an EM contagion effect. Not a major one but still am interested.

Let's see... 1 month long entry if euro drops to 1.26? maybe too cheap, but fairly possible to see it trading at lower 1.27s many institutions are scaling back their dollar shorts. We'll see what happens with the ECB and Pay-rolls. Yesterdays Euro was sittin sideways harder than Paul Wall.

My comments on US equities don't add value. Metals: Gold is still bullish to me with all this fed language cockup.

Spot Entries - Target
EUR/JPY - 147.50
USD/THB (Thai Baht) - 38.40


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