Monday, July 24, 2006

Recap: And then Late Afternoon Deep CatNap... and mum had an awesome dinner at an old friend's house on Friday... then I watched boxing and got high while watching 'the Dark' a suspense horror film with one of Hay's uncle... then I ate bagels... then me and mum found a goblin raft at the Hudson river, with live music playing in the background... We fixed up the raft for the little fella, but convinced him to stick around in the city for awhile, for some replenishing food on my credit... let's see, oh yeah, and then I was up a good clean day long SLAB, MRK, SGP, that's a silicon chip maker, and two big pharmas... and then oh yeah, I fucked up and ended with a burnout day. Why? Quite simple, my brain waves haven't settled in over 5 years now, and basically, they are burned out. Dry Neural Husks with the softest of spiking... I'm going to take a catnap now, and perhaps, the spiking will altogether cease... and my occipital lobe will fire one last rally, giving me the perception of a bright tunnel, getting closer, closer...


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