Sunday, December 17, 2006

Contrarian Risk/Reward Ratios in the Forex Spot Market...

Basically, 10 pips if you find the price action at the mean in say, a one day bollinger band data set, is a good probabilty to capture, BUT, you have to give yourself about a 24 pip downside risk.
You won't make more than 10 ticks, but on size, it might be worth it. Example being, I traded a single lot, and made a quick 100 bucks with euro, and funny thing is, I actually wired out the 100 bucks so I can pay for Hayheehoo and Curious's Christmas present, which is a one year subscription to the World of Warcraft online game. I played the trial version, which is free for 10 days, and I recommend it, here: It's so worth it. And now, a picture of Hayheehoo.


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