Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Every One I Know, Goes Away in the End...

...well, over the weekend, I made Hay a 'Jets' t-shirt after the Jets lost, and she wore it to school, and pretended it was an official NFL Jets Jersey, and thought they were going to the Super Bowl. The kids kept making fun of her, looking for the 'tag' inside the collar, and of course, there was none, not even a 'Fruit of the Loom' or 'Hanes' tag. And then she asked me, 'What if it rains?' because as you can see, it's made of scotch tape and cut up order tickets. I said for her to 'pat it down' with a paper towel from the lavatory if it gets wet, and not to scrub up and down or side to side. The moral of the story is, I've been shifted around from the Heating Oil pit at the NYMEX, to the Coffee pit at the NYBOT, and now to the Copper pit at the COMEX, and my wages are not even keeping up with Inflation; However, My wages have been keeping up with 'Deflation' the past couple years in fact! All in all, the probability of trading options on the floor full time are close to nill as all the pits are going electronic, meanwhile, I'm burning candles on both ends, and might have to pull out all stops and risk 'bankruptcy' as I approach the age of 30, and put on some nastily naked outright trades in the highly leveraged forex market if I am to survive with any dignity left in my utterly wasted potential life. As I write this, another one of my upper teeth is rotting out, and my gumline there reaches up close to my right nostril, but thankfully, it's covered by my mouth and lips. Perhaps a few good position trades on a nastily dangerous level of credit will allow me to prevent the collapse of my jawbone in a few more years. Funny, that I was so dismayed today, after getting into a small study rhythm, that I think I'm gonna drink alot of Jagermeister, which I was informed is to get drunk with other people, yet I frequently drink it alone at random bars. Sleep, death, end this error.


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