Saturday, March 24, 2007

WHEEEEeeen the Dogs Do Find Me...

I just came back from the library to find out that Hay was hiding a fractured arm for almost a week! She knew that I was out of work and haven't had health insurance for almost a year now(hence I refrain from most sport activities these days, and my continual tooth decay is a time measure of such lack like a year long hourglass), so she just stopped going outside to play with her friends in Central Park, until her arm hurt less. Luckily kids heal quicker. I noticed too that Curious and her weren't rough-housing at all since Tuesday. Apparently she collided with the net pole while playing a pick up volleyball game(or so she says). So I guess it's back to the Chess hut for her for a few weeks, and not the volleyball courts near Sheep's Meadow this spring. And these are the eyes of disarray...


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