Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday RagexTen


(3:13.56PM)Lock: are the listed traders having problems with SDOT?
(3:14.23PM)DomCap: no, but the HON specialist contacted us at lunch, and said for you to get what you want done, because you're fucking with his order flow.

(3:16.54PM)Lock: Fuck that. I'm giving him good outs with my stops, and if he's too pussy to hit them, then that's not my fault, what is he a new?
(3:17.05PM)DomCap: I think he is for Friday.
(3:17.43PM)Lock: I can't seem to place bids/asks through SDOT, and can only place market orders with it. it has already clusterfucked' me today. with RTN and HON, not much gets done on Arca.
(3:18.23PM)DomCap: then cut your size in half, there's only 45 min left
(3:18.42PM)Lock: absolutely retarded, I'm going to take the 3 train down to the NYSE and slap the guy in the face. SLAP!
(3:19.13PM)Mariobros: Lock, I'll come along with you, ruffriders roll...


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