Thursday, June 07, 2007

Somedays, You Just Can't Be a Contrarian...

Short [HON] 7000 shrs and large green circle.... covered at the little green circle... as you can see there was more to it, but at least I locked in my rent for the month of July... It's difficult to balance post CFA studying for the GMATs while trading a supremely volatile equity/bond market during the day, when every penny counts these days for me... If I had a prescription for Ritalin or Adderol, it would be much clearer to me. 'Does it make you wanna scream? Have you ever liked a bad dream?'
[3:16:21 PM] domcapital says: darnell and kman chopped up that aapl today. see you are on the call

[3:22:29 PM] Lock says: Day like today, it's cleaner to trade lower volatility stocks[3:22:41 PM] Lock says: better sharpe ratio. LOL.
[3:23:03 PM] mariobros says: Fuck that sharpe shit, i wouldn't touch AAPL with a ten foot pole on a day like today, the shit be AIDs ridden.
[3:23:10]Lock says: Ha. The whole market is HIV positive... (full blown HIVS)
[3:23:54 PM] domcapital says: mr darnell might not agree- he is up 10k, but aapl is a very hard stock, not one to trade unless it is in play
[3:24:13 PM] Lock says: 10k gross, but tickets must be a killer
[3:25:00 PM] domcapital says: gross, you dont mind the txs at that gross
[3:25:12 PM] Lock says: true[3:32:03 PM] Lock says: No cute picture of your face for me, darling?
[3:34:29 PM] domcapital says: you can always check the website
[3:35:57 PM] Lock says: yeah, I heard that website gets more hits from chicks than traders...[3:37:27 PM] domcapital says: we are gonna be on tv soon: wall street warriors on a hd channel should be fun
[3:38:12 PM] Lock says: if you're being serious, email me the details of what channel, date, etc...
[3:38:36 PM] domcapital says: next jan. we are shooting now till sept
[3:41:54 PM] Lock says: possible last wave of sellers
[3:41:59 PM] Lock says: pukers really
[3:47:29 PM] Lock says: Hold me to this statement: the levee's gonna break on close... 'and then we're going down...going down now...'


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