Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Led Zeppelin To Offer Digital Downloads(Finally!) and other important world news...

"Led Zeppelin, one of the last remaining holdouts against digital music downloads, has announced plans to release Mothership, a new greatest-hits package. More significantly, all 24 tracks on the release will also be available for digital download, marking the first time that any Zeppelin has been made available legally online. In addition to digital downloads, multiple physicall options...." Finally, you'll be able to listen to Zeppelin in a bar, instead of Hotel fucking California and Freebird...

World Of Warcraft Player Claims A Bounty On His Head In And Out Of Video Game
Mexico City, Mexico-(MH)-Mexican World of Warcraft player Bronco Carson reported to local police on Saturday that 3 men broke into his home and beat his arms with clubs and smashed his computer. It was supposedly in retaliation for Carson stalking and repeatedly killing one of the attackers wife’s character during computer video game play. Carson admitted to police that he had been “making it hard for her to get far in the game.”

LOL. ROFL. LMAO tse tung...


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