Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Battlefield Etrade: Quagmires

In the circled areas on the picture, you can see one such exchanges 'market depth' for Etrade stock. Bids to buy on the left, Offers to sell on the right. With the top line as front line troops. Frequently, the large numbers are 'bluffs'. Sometimes they are real, and it puts a ceiling or floor on the current price action. It's very similar to a battlefield at a significant strategic area (the peak of Kashmir, the shores of Normandy... etc). If one side wins, if one side 'cuts the Gordian Knot'... they can become the Master of Asia...

...sometimes it's a battle of attrition between small bits of infantry... sometimes it's like dropping the feared atom bomb... Warren Buffett I believe dropped a small bomb today against the 'sellers' of Etrade stock... the initial impact large... and the 'radiation' keeps cutting through in latter days...

"By the Tigris River... he fought King Darius again..."


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