Thursday, November 29, 2007

DELL: Rise and Shine Asshole, You just got your ass reemed!

Anyways, be careful when trading off of 'top-line' figures when earnings come out. Example, DELL came in with higher revenue than estimates last night, and I leaped on it because I had an itchy trigger finger, saw alot of buying pressure, and my brain was tired from studying. Of course DELL ends up missing 'bottom-line' estimates by a penny. Shares drop 10% after hours, so I have no choice but to turn it into an 'investment' and not a short term 'trade'.

In trading, when you start to hope and pray, you're dead. So I'm setting aside my rosaries for the time being and putting my confidence on consumers in Russia, South America, and India to lead DELL into growth, and not so much the actual management. During the conference call, Michael Dell dares to make a stupid joke around 20:45, and the CFO around 52:00 basically lapses into 'senile dementia' and says 'we can't find a single project of ours that doesn't have a negative cash flow' (he meant to say positive, but he must've been drooling down his Alzheimer's lip waiting to retire).

Well, it's a rather long call but you might want to buy some DELL after the dump today:

And I'm posting on this blog using a DELL computer... 339am in Belgium... It is a very good laptop though, Dell makes the best laptops ever...


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