Thursday, June 19, 2008

LEHMAN BROTHER's Message Board in Wake of Subprime...

For Every Triumph, there lays two Tragedies… GS for LEH/BSC
REUTERS: Aborigines to Renege on Berryfruit capital funding to LEH
“…seen clicking their tongues and making popping noises while waving spears at young men in business attire…”

REUTERS: Pygmies seen throwing Shrunken Heads at Lehman building in Times Square.

REUTERS: Prepubescent Aborigine Circumsized Skin leftovers to fund LEH
with a touch of Worcestire, and rusted Silverspoons... LEH below $20 in the am

LEHMAN'S Cafeteria Dinner Menu: 6/19/2007 37 minutes ago

Bonjour, our white trash American-French 5th generation 'chefs' offer you the following exquisite dining experience in the Lehman Cafeteria tonight: 1)Poopaldrip soup 2)Kimchi-flavored poop 3)STD tainted HIV-falafel 4)Fried Shrunken Aborigine Heads 5)Ranch 22's excess inventory up the street 6)Level III 'Ass-ets' wrapped in Greek toilet paper 7)'Boners' petite -the Staff

Lehman Employees Addicted to KimchiFlavored Shrunken Heads by gardner [19-Jun-08 02:18 pm]

LEHMAN Cafeteria Menu 6/19/08: 19-Jun-08 01:58 pm
Employees and Guests, for today's lunch we will have the following exquisite entrees: 1)Classic Sh!tsandwich with Worcestire Sauce 2)Sh!tballs and Spaghetti 3)Hamburger without Bun 4)Kimchi Flavored Shrunken Heads Bon a Petit 8) The Staff

REUTERS: Pygmies File Class Action Suit against Lehman 19-Jun-08 12:09 pm
'...claiming breech of shrunken head and berryfruit fiduciary responsibilities resulting in the loss of three bamboo huts and the extinction of a rare flying toad with potent medicinal glands to cure depression and generalized anxiety disorder...' -Walter Crackite, Senior Reporter

Dick Fuld's new suit: Orange, jewerly: shackles by yainvestor2 [19-Jun-08 11:28 am]

19-Jun-08 09:59 am by i_take_this_shat_...

19-Jun-08 08:40 am by vicxh by powerfultoad [19-Jun-08 08:35 am]

Yes, the only Bus that Lehman is getting now is the SHortbus by Shasds [1 minute
I've heard some are refusing to do bus. by nocountryforoldme... [5 minutes ago]

REUTERS: Lehman Down like Syndrome... 7 second(s) ago
"...Fuld seen taking a broomstick to Lehman Cafeteria's fire alarm while screaming 'Baby, Water Burn Baby..." –Walter Cronkite

Dude, Rainman had Autism, not Down Syndrome. But yeah, LEH is all about going down, down...
REUTERS: Ewoks to Renege BloodyPoopToad Funding to Lehman 1 minute ago

Dear Pastor, Please take my soul in peace... let me sleep now, sleep like a baby in the womb of God... Tomorrow, will be a down day(will open down), a brief struggle to get back above $25, will fail, and most of the long sheep will take their positions off before Lunchtime NYC time, as they always do, because they don't want to be carrying a bunch of Betty Crocker Stinkysh!tPies over the weekend. so it was said, so it was written, so it shall be done.

Here's a theory : The more you talk , the more it TANKS!!! what are you trying to prove you cheerleading piece of worthless scum ???? Stop posting BS and pure lies to suck in longs and coax existing longs to hold on. All Lehman might be able to accomplish is to delay the inevitable - either a take-under of 2-10 bux or ocmplete CH 11 BK. And all of this at the American taxpayer's expense Give it up you lying sack of dung. READ THESE ARTICLES YOU LYING SACK OF SHi.T! and LEH deserve to toast in hell IF you're hindu i hope you get reborn as the neighbourhood female dog (@#$%) who gets regulalry violated up the rectum by local dogs. Without consent of course.

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--A shareholder sued Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (LEH) and its top management Thursday over the investment bank's disclosures regarding its exposure to the

Lehman 'Late Night' Cafeteria Menu: 6/20/08 7 second(s) ago
Bonjour, due to the overwhelming response to our dinner item: Boner Petite, we our proud to announce that we will be adding R3 Capital grade Vaginal Bacterial Sauce within the Boner Petite. also, looking for a midnight snack? Lehman will be providing: 1)WHORES or DERVES Bon apetite 8) Chief Lehman Chef


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