Saturday, November 15, 2008

PMLI Philip Morris Dec 45 calls, well priced via IV..

anyways... there was so much shit on message boards these days... somehow, on a paid prescription board(I don't pay but have the passwords), the conversation started with Barclays' Bank and for whatever reason Diageo stock.... The last time I checked the site, this was the sequence of messages:

Todd at 8:59pm November 15
Can you burn wood in a microwave?

Joshua at 9:07pm November 15
hahaha... Red Lobster has a team of scientists on top of it.

Ax at 9:13pm November 15
You want Lobster? I'm talking Burger Kaannng'

Pieter at 9:16pm November 15
the price of lobster is down to like $4/lb domestically. Lobster men in the northeast are hurting badly. Many of them may lose their lobster boats. My point being that soon you may see lobster at Burger king. My hope is that they will have a lobster happy meal...

Ax at 9:24pm November 15
Yeah, but kids don't eat seafood... unless they were born with 'gills'.

Todd at 9:25pm November 15
Isn't Red Lobster a bit redundant anyway. I bet Green Lobster has been cooking over wood for years

Ax at 9:27pm November 15
You're right... It's like 'Rich Jew'. just kidding josh...

Josh at 9:28pm November 15
Kids in West Hartford CT where i come from eat Caviar... and yes i love green anything, Lime green is my favorite color.

LongGamma at 9:29pm November 15
Sweet! So who did you like better: 'Frog' or 'Toad'?

Josh at 9:29pm November 15
Ax you always have a free pass with jew jokes in my book... Sigh

Todd at 9:30pm November 15
And what's the deal with Bonefish Grill? Fish haters usually site bones as the deal-breaker

Josh at 9:31pm November 15
Toad's have a little bit more character than Frogs, but they are a little bit less green...

Pieter at 9:32pm November 15
Ken, Ken... I was refering to 'Frog and Toad' the children's books of yesteryears...

Krypton at 9:33pm November 15
that's a good point Mr. Seinfeld... The advertising guy who came up with that should lose his job and country club membership.

Josh at 9:34pm November 15
oh yea the frog and toad story of yesteryear. I can't remember the details of the story but i see no reason why the frog and toad shouldn't get along.

Pieter at 9:37pm November 15
they were pals....

Josh at 9:42pm November 15
That's good to hear. My sister has an exotic tree frog that can actually smile. Now that i think about it i guess i prefer frogs to toads. Frogs can smile, they are more colorful and not as lazy as toads.

AX at 9:44pm November 15
that was kinda the point of the book...

Josh at 9:45pm November 15
the book slandered toads? that's ill.

Quantgirl at 9:45pm November 15
it was totally 'ill' in that respect. Toad was dark, Frog was light... etc etc...

ChaosTHeory at 9:53pm November 15
There's a tricky delta on remaining GS Novie calls that you could severely get fucked over with...


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