Monday, November 22, 2004

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away...

Oh, the Sisters of Mercy they are not departed or gone... the balance between indulgence and ascetics... perhaps a Sin a Day keeps the doctor away... well, I digress... so I planted a second seed in the barren wasteland fading AAPL(Apple) after its rather frenzied rally off a mere Piper Jaffrey's price target... Everyone and their dead grandmas called their brokers today and bought a piece of Apple pie... only to get Sauce in their Eye at day's end... that's the Art of the Fade... one seed at a time... hear my words... by September 2005 c.e. the Porcelain Doll will Rise. Now, holiday season in Manhattan is always a magical adventure, although I approach this season with Negative Assets for the first time since leaving the womb really... how we'd all like to buy the world for those dearest to us... ahahah... So the question goes, "Alexander the Great conquered the world at 26... what have you done?" In response, I say,"I've conquered Alexander." Posted by Hello


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