Monday, July 31, 2006

Led Zeppelin.

...sometimes I mix things up... instead of chatting with Irish-American Octogenarians at PD Ohurley's... I'll scamper up to a place like Bourbon St on Amerstdam and somewhere above W79th... Anyways, it's 2 for 1, but they have no jukebox, and they're playing some shit like Creed or Bush... So I request on the IPOD machine, some Zeppelin, to the bartender... a young fella... he says,'sure, I'll get the Led out for ya'. And a nice 5 track piece of Zeppelin blares the eternal days of Lore and Yore... and then I see two guys waiting for the bus outside of Bourbon st, while smoking a cigarette, and they're playing air guitar to 'the Ocean' track 8 Houses of the Holy. They chat a bit, one guy's a real estate agent, the other a bricklayer... And then when the bus comes, they say to me,'Thanks for the Zep." As much as I love almost every genre of music, Led Zeppelin, even if they're not the most talented of groups, is the most listener-friendly kick ass group ever. Ever. Battle of Evermore...


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