Sunday, July 30, 2006

Must be On for the Next Two Weeks...

...So me and mum went to Providence, RI and took the high speed ferry to Newport. It was a blast of fun. And plenty of fun pictures. The Nikkei is up strong right now 1020pm July 30, 2006, Japan seems to be coming out of its 10 year doldrum, and the only really significant U.S. number is this Friday's NFP... I can't possibly see a high growth in payrolls... where and what occupation? So there's about 2 solid weeks left of earnings, and basically, regardless of my negative cash flow, I'm going on vacation in about 2 weeks. Technically, I should've gone in June and reset my brainwaves and saved the slaughtering of my lambs since June, which basically means, in two weeks, I'm paying about $5000 for a $1000 vacation. But that is of no consequence, as the next two weeks, on both the forex and equity front, I have to take full advantage with no compromises. PG, SBUX, etc... have to lay claim on them... and stay long yen, at each pullback, if there is any...


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