Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You Can Go Sleep at Home tonight, If you Can Get up and Walk Away... first I get home, and the kids are jumping on the bed, and it's a mess... I didn't trade a single share of SBUX today... (See Previous Post) probability of SSS being lower proved true, earnings were in line, but not good enough SSS, SBUX indeed dumped to $30.00 from the 4:00 close of $33.50. I left at 3:59pm because I had no ammo left.

I made 1 pip long usd/jpy... on the smallest size possible, that's about 87 cents 0r $0.87.... I didn't have any fuel left in me... anyways, I forgot that at Battery Park, Neil Diamond was playing for free tonight... usually, I would be in a jacket of pissdom, but my bro got me tickets to the fucking Who at Madison Square Garden for Sept 18th. Come mid autumn, I'll either be cash flow positive or filing for bankruptcy, but regardless, I'm going to see the Who... I call it a bargain, the best I ever had.


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