Monday, March 26, 2007

I Close My Eyes....and I Slipped Away...

So I went to a Career Fair. Yeah. I didn't feel like loading up on pens and squeeze ball gadgets. But I did get a bag of Sun Chips from the Frito Lay booth. Stopped at Chuck Schwab, AIG, Lilly, Blackrock. No dice. Financial Advisor shit. I can't SELL. I have no BOOK. I'm a fucking trader. And then some wack company... I said I had a trading background, and they said, 'oh great, fill out this form, we do textile trading and....' Fuck. I talked to Eli Lilly, and they said, are you familiar with us? I said, 'I'm familiar with your drugs.' 'Like Zyprexa'. 'Tough Sell, because it doesn't FUCKING work!'

Anyways, it was down across from the NYMEX in the Embassy Suite Hotel. I saw some coffee trader I knew, and said, 'what up'. And then I treated myself to Taco Bell on Chambers. The overhead light collapsed on my head and shattered glass all over my clothing. The manager comes over and says, 'Sorry, sorry, are you okay? Can I get you a BandAid or something?' I just said in a daze, 'meh...' with beef caught under my partial dentures and sour cream caked within the seams of my lips.... 'Yeah, you can get me a fucking MRI!'


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