Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And if I Make It to the waterside...I'll be sure to write you a note...

It's hard to get by, just upon a smile... Dollar tumbled overnight. Course I withdrew 90% of my account value last week. So I got a mini-lot on. Today I finished Financial Statement Analysis book finally... COGSlifo= COGSfifo + BINVfifo(Change lifoR/BINVlifo+BLifoR)... and I hope there is only one if not any questions on capitalizing leases or treating them as operating leases if you are a lessor/lessee and the impact on CFO, CFF and leverage're only dancing on this earth for a short time... It's funny, I wrote a story once, prior to the millenium... and it is all coming true... if I could only find the manuscript... silver tears were shed or some shit like that... I am both writer, character, and audience... bizarro... had to be subconscious, but impossible coincidence...


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