Saturday, December 04, 2004

I Just Want to Celebrate Another Day of Living!

Non-Farm Payrolls burped a palty 112k vs 220k estimates. My formula, which is much more robust and simple in nature, than that of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, actually produced a 95% accuracy on this latest release. I even surprised myself, because my Pessimism Gauge was tweeked due to an event risk of foolhardy spending by Americans witnessed across the broad spectrum from the Upper Westside to Harlem. Personally, I thought the numbers would come in line, or even beat estimates. (Of course, now that Bush is re-elected, the NFP numbers can be whatever they want). I guess that's just the routine self loathing aspect of my own abilities. Now, to get to why I am so 'High' right now... To celebrate my new NFP Analyzer, I spent a small amount of money that I recieved from the aforementioned credit line from relatives in Taiwan. I now officially own .005% of the front nose Gattling Gun and Windshield on a 10year old A-10 Tankbuster that was utilized in the first defense of Kuwait in 1991 c.e. She resides in a hangar in Nevada. I never had an interest in ground vehicles, like fancy cars (Hummer limos are as ugly as a Chain Gang of Quasimodos), since I travel by subway and by foot; my favorite car if any, is the Toyota Camry 97' model. The A-10 perhaps boasts the largest brass balls in the military complex of the Airforce. Why? Because it was for close ground combat and support. Not for dropping bombs from safe above the clouds on the Wings of Love, but virtually 50 feet from the ground, this A-10 would reak hellfire on actual Russian Tank and Scud Missile Launchers with the mere use of its ChainZoom Gattling, firing 100 shells with a 4 Inch Diameter Cap in one split second. Imagine a bullet the size of a Starbucks Coffee Canister. Enough said. Also equipped with 16 missiles, the A-10 is a 'solo' cockpit adrenalizer where the pilot is both master and commander. I finally recieved offical documentation of pending ownership yesterday in the mail via government auction. I'm so elated I want to jump out of my 16 story window and pretend I'm one of the 16 missiles guided to obliterate to obtain the end result of peace on earth. This rocks. I'm not much of a spender, although I like to hoard money. Call me a Scrooge, but Ebenezer didn't even know what a jet was. It's like adopting a child from Ethopia and recieving subsequent pictures where there are less flies around his face each time, in the same ratio of a Fibonacci stream starting backwards from 618! Posted by Hello


At 1:54 AM, Blogger Christy said...

Make sure you have parachute on when you jump out of the 16th floor. Instead, why not go rapelling?


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