Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Listening to the River...

An old friend of mine hung himself in 1997 c.e. at the age of 23. In subsequent dreams, he would always appear to me, knowing that he killed himself, in other words, knowing that he was 'dead'. Recently, he has been coming to me in dreams, however, now, he's alive again... I often get signals from the River and decipher them when I have the time... People, morever, Civilizations like to think that they are all living in grand 'epic' times, some are, some aren't... Two things come to mind recently... Fibonnaci Time Periods reveal the total demise of the USD as we know it in 18 years, which of course is a necessity to usher in the 'next' new world order, which will eventually become 'old' in time. Second thing... IPODS have saturated the market, and I think Apple(AAPL) is due for a correction like A, B, C... Also, there is a binary probability for me in the near future; I may get fired or I might not. Posted by Hello


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