Friday, November 26, 2004

Rage Times Ten...

Euro rips to way the hell new Highs against the USD on LOW volume and then rapidly sells off as well as all other USD pairs due to the ripple effect and MarketMaker Shenanigans... Aside from that... Some little girl is going to get a Classic BITCHSLAP that's going to put her ass in place if she doesn't cool it. I can't do Quality work in my primary function if I have to spend way too much time doing 'silly robotic shit' that should be left for the sales masochists. Really, you think I give a fuck spending an hour on the phone per client? And then drop email templates on that godawful salesforce? And then drop canned shit in a can on that silly chat function? Do you want Quality or Quantity? I didn't get hired to CHURN WIDGETS. My hands are clean of any blood when things go to shit. Posted by Hello


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