Friday, November 26, 2004

Hiearchies are Relative as Happiness is Proportionate...

Hiearchies are Relative, as Happiness is Proportionate... You could can be a Failure as a King, or a Successful Bum... In my sphere of existence... I am both Jester and Knight... Poorer than the next hoboe, but Filthy Rich with Anger and Love... I disdain Injustice, and there is a Universal Justice... I abhor Ignorance, yet I take that in consideration, and often turn the other cheek... Unfortunately, or Naturally, I have a dastardly Animal Instinct, one of which in my Romantic Youth, I tried to extinguish, but I know my place, and I know it's dynamic too... as of right now, it's a roll of the dice... been here before... about three times... turns out, I was invincible and Death wanted no part of me whatsoever, he chooses the weak, he likes stealing candy from a baby... I even weakened myself to point where he should've had no struggle whatsoever, yet he still was cautious as if He knew I was just feigning... been alive now for over 2326 linear years...and things get real, fucking, boring. Posted by Hello


At 4:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it's said that what fails to kill you only makes you stronger. The trick is figuring out exactly how close you, the moth, should get to the eternal flame. It is in that tiny margin between a fully realized life and abject death that happiness may lie. Or something.

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