Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Barking up the Wrong Tree...

Tried my best to keep this under wraps... For the most part, we shouldn't bark up the wrong tree... But when your born and breed a Pitbull with 2000lbs of Mandibular Pressure per square inch of bite power, you could take down a fucking Redwood. Leverage. It just so happens that in approximately one year, the Porcelain Doll will be under the control of a second party $950,000 second equity credit line that's going straight to a Forex Hedge Fund that a brand new player in the Western Hemisphere's nascent retail forex market is currently under contract to attain. This is risky stuff but this is also one dog who loves raw meat. This is just seed money to the pampered rich trust fund types, but nonetheless, this middle class boy has the final say as to where it goes and how it's going to be churned. Finally, my Ivy League education is paying off in spades. To the dead an unsung... I will sing your song in due time... Posted by Hello


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