Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Immoveable Stone in Your World of Weak.

The animal feels pain and seeks food, but does not know it's hungry, the animal flees or fights but does not know if it's scared or angry... The animal feels sadness, but doesn't know it's sad... The animal's endorphins kick in at death, and they don't know that they are dying... Sentient Humans can be conditioned to trigger such 'flow' and the more adept can allow and control such use of this 'flow'... It's been awhile since I utilized this part of my underego... in popcultural terms it's simply known as Primal... the Primal Zone... Professional athletes and Elite Military special teams, are adept enough to wield such a state of being at the right time. My athletics transcended as far as being an NCAA National swimmer[50 Freestyle-the fastest Aquaman on the planet race, akin to the 100 meter dash]. Lately, I've once again been cornered into a situation by the unknowing, forgive them for they do not understand 'types'. And, boy, do 'types' bore me. The last utilization of my primal zone left one lucky man dead in a forever open homicide case. Bare hands. I am free to mention this because of full legal rights of appeal and the ultimate lawyer from a hands down brass balls firm, and the simpler fact that the deceased was only one step above a homeless dreg, a methamphetamine man who overstepped his boundaries and tried to strong arm rob me in 1999 c.e. I am most comfortable as a counter puncher(had to be, I cross-trained as a sparring partner for very fast lightweights in Providence, RI), as such I am naturally inclined to fade market spikes on impulse... So it was a rather quick ordeal, with an initial blitz attack upon myself as I turned the corner, there was a little pain, my index knuckled popped, but in the end, one man felt no pain and was at peace. Papers read as I shitted bricks... "An unidentified man was found dead on the corner of(can't go into specifics)...medical examiners finalized head trauma as the cause..." Basically, after he fell, the back of his head hit the concrete, it's called in Neuropsychology, the Coup and Contra-Coup, where the Brain first slams back into the skull, and than bounces forward to the front or vice versa. It's usually an out cold case in boxing, when the boxer's eyes are closed before his legs even give out. The coup de grace, is what Lockheed calls it. So the City of Providence should have been sued, for it was the concrete that killed the man, not my skin layered upon bone fists. Of course, our Mayor was Buddy Cianci back then, so I didn't have to fear too much legal ramifications. I was also very close to the Public Defender back in the late 90's.Posted by Hello


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