Monday, December 06, 2004

There is No Pain...You are Receding...

$42.50 Massive Pivot in Oil. 50% Fib + 1/6 Gann is Sharp as the Razor's Edge. It doesn't get statistically sharper, like a diamond, it cuts clean. You have no control over this... like the Sands of Time, trying to catch the wind in your hands... Such precision and serendipity brings me peace of mind. It really does. I think I just might fall asleep now... This miraculous day coincides with a major event in my current life... My Grandfather was a Marine Corp General in Chang Kai Shek's army, exchanging bullets and daggers against Mao Tse Tung and the Onslaught of Order through Subservience... In the end, he lost, but I am alive now to know that he's won... It's the anniversary of his death and like the Clarity of Spot Oil prices, I plotted the Fib Time Periods on a fractal level and suprisingly to those who care nothing of Phi, it designated the precise year of the anniversary of his death. The Truth is, what's an Earthshaking Event to one man, is Nothing to Another. We have our spheres of biopsychosocial existence, realms within realms upon realms... A tapestry, a goddamn myriad of thunder and sinew, to that I am grateful... just for this one day that means nothing to anyone else, but me.
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