Friday, December 10, 2004

This Guy is OPEC's FuckPuppet... trust me...

So, we got an Academic from MIT, and wouldn't we all like to see his track record on his 'investment' firm... Ladies and Gents and Transexuals: New Secretary of Energy, Sam Bodman. A man with no Brass Balls, a man that leaves OPEC laughing insanely. I hear them heckling and cackling already from the United Arab Emirates. To them, it's like electing Richard Simmons as Health Secretary or Al Sharpton as the UN Secretary... Lockheed predicts the energy crisis to a razor's edge, and has already set herself up a nice dynamic hedge going short a front month oil contract successfully. Original non-member margin for NYMEX app $5000 per contract WTI Light Brent Crude. It was the last of her savings for the time being. I'm coming back, I will return. I'll possess you body and I'll make you burn! Posted by Hello


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